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Peachtree Recognizes Women’s History Month

Being a woman-founded and owned company, Women’s History Month (March 2020) carries special significance for Peachtree BioResearch Solutions’ founders, Kristy Nichols and Sharon Hilton. Originating in 1981, initially as “Women’s History Week,” annual presidential proclamations recognize women contributions and specific achievements made through the course of history in a variety of fields.

Science fields, in general are male-dominated – especially at higher levels. “In forming Peachtree, we saw the opportunity to build a different kind of CRO, and provide an avenue for women to enter the clinical research arena,” stated Kristy Nichols, CEO. “When we began operations in 2009, we had two male employees out of 40 total,” said Sharon Hilton, Executive Vice President. “Today, with our significant expansion over the last 3 years, we remain predominately female with a balance at executive management and department heads.”

Having worked on the Sponsor side at a top-50 global pharmaceutical company as department heads, Nichols and Hilton knew first-hand the frequent frustrations managing CRO partnerships. “Inexperience, high CRO personnel turnover, and lack of proactive solutions were constant,” stated Nichols. “We knew if we were having these problems, how did smaller companies with smaller budgets get any expertise and attention? We committed to creating a CRO that resolved the shortcomings we had experienced.”

“We focused on building an organization with highly experienced people, and investing in providing the tools and organizational support for our staff to be successful in exceeding client expectations,” said Hilton. “To combat turnover, common in the CRO industry, we encourage a work environment that balances work-live-play, and is attractive for employees to stay long-term.”

Entering its 12th year of operation, Peachtree stays true to its foundation – experience and solutions.

About Peachtree BioResearch Solutions

Founded in 2008, Peachtree BioResearch Solutions is a Clinical Research Organization that specializes in providing clinical development services to emerging biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies.


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