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Data Management

Our goal is simple when it comes to data management. Deliver


Your study can be conducted flawlessly, but if the data integrity comes into question, it can be all for naught. And, with the complexity of today’s trials, improper design of your data collection and study database can result in headaches, delays, and cost overruns. Quality controls are paramount to a database that can withstand regulatory scrutiny.

Still entering your data into a spreadsheet or frustrated with a home-grown system that doesn’t fit your needs? Our forte is clinical data management – the foundation of our company. Our team has vast experience in all phases of trials, multiple designs and therapeutic areas, and in a variety of system platforms. Our data managers are experienced on a number of systems, and can easily function on either ours or a sponsor-preferred system. 

Paper CRF or electronic data capture (EDC)? We will work with you to ensure the data collection method fits your needs and budget. EDC can increase the speed and quality of data capture at the point of creation, and with the integration of leading EDC technologies, we can streamline the efficiency and accuracy of your clinical trial.

CRF design, database development, edit check programming, CRF tracking/scanning/entry, query and external data management, medical coding, SAE reconciliation. From beginning to end, our data management professionals will ensure the integrity of your trial data.

Give us a call to discuss your data management issues. We’ll listen, ask questions, determine your concerns, and offer flexible, scalable, and reliable solutions to help you sleep at night.

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