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Led by a 25-year industry veteran, our biostatisticians provide statistical consulting services across all clinical study phases and designs for pharmaceuticals and devices. Involvement at the early stages of protocol development ensures proper design, adequate sample size, and definition of primary and secondary endpoints. From planning to statistical analysis plan (SAP) development, programming, and analysis and reporting, you can rest assured the receipt of a quality result.


Perhaps you are in the initial stages of formulating a clinical development plan or have a protocol design in mind. It’s not too early to engage our biostatistical support. Regardless of where you are in your development program, give us a call to help you sort out the analysis.


Flexible. Scalable. Reliable. We’re your solution.

Changes from baseline to endpoint between the test product and control will be analyzed using the 2-sample t-test with statistical significance confirmed at p < .05 at a 95% Confidence Interval.

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