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Project Management

Our Clinical Project Managers (CPM) aren’t just box checkers – they are seasoned professionals managing every facet of your trial. Operationally, the CPM is critical - providing strategic leadership and day-to-day direction for the trial and overall project team. They tackle the biggest challenges in conducting clinical trials - timely completion, budget control, and regulatory compliance. Along with all the other nuances of running a study, overlooking a small detail can cause delays and increase cost.


Peachtree Project Managers are experienced team leaders that provide a lasered focus to your trial – timeliness, quality, and on budget. As the primary point of contact, our project managers immerse themselves in the complete data stream and are accountable for all aspects of the trial – from inception to completion.


Planning, communication, study-specific operating procedures, progress tracking, budget control, and proactive issue solutions are the key benefits our project managers provide. In a nutshell – the commitment to your trial as if it is their own.

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