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Clinical Monitoring & Site Management

Gone are the days of 3-part NCR, sticky notes, and manual tracking of patient accrual and progress. Automated systems, electronic medical records, EDC, risk-based monitoring – all have impacted clinical study monitoring. But the basis for monitoring remains the same – subject safety, enrollment of qualified subjects, protocol compliance, accurate data collection, timely reporting of potential safety issues, and investigational product accountability.


If you are seeking minimally-experienced CRA data-checkers, we’re not your solution. Led by a Director with 30 years of monitoring experience, our network of office and regionally-based clinical research associates (CRAs) possess broad therapeutic experience and are proficient as well as adaptable to a wide variety of systems. All are GCP certified and trained in Peachtree SOPs. Thus, we can provide qualified CRAs in close proximity to your clinical sites ensuring cost-effective study site compliance.


Whether you have a full-service clinical program need or require extra CRAs to augment your internal staff, give us a call to discuss your challenge and our flexible, scalable, and reliable solutions.

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