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Peachtree Attends the World Orphan Drug Conference 2020

Peachtree attends the World Orphan Drug Conference 2020, November 2-5 at 9:00 CET.

Join Peachtree as we explore the pressing challenges and unique opportunities to develop rare disease therapeutics.

Rare disease studies require more individualized proactive approaches. Aside from ensuring that the selected sites are qualified and have access to the subject population, you have to start with the basic tenet of, "where does the subject population go to seek information about their illness?" It is from this basis that recruitment/retention specialists develop a customized program - a combination of internal resources and partnerships with specialized vendors – that seeks to leverage site subject data, access subjects at multiple touchpoints and provide in-trial support for retention.

To learn more, visit the Orphan Drug Congress website or contact us via our Contacts form.

At Peachtree, we are the CRO that thinks like a Sponsor.


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