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International Clinical Trials Day

May 20th is International Clinical Trials Day, a day when we pause to celebrate the groundbreaking accomplishments in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries, as well as the incredible strides in technology, knowledge, understanding, and the pursuit of improved treatments for people suffering all over the world.

On behalf of the entire Peachtree family, we would also like to recognize and thank the patients who enroll in these trials and have made these triumphs possible. Without your faith and willingness to step into the unknown, we wouldn't have the life-changing therapies and treatment options available today.

In our 15 years of operation, Peachtree is proud to have supported more than 700+ studies in a wide range of therapeutic areas and indications, in everything from an ultra rare disease to a common ailment. Our seasoned clinical operations team bring decades of experience, strong work ethic, and a desire to help change the world. Happy International Clinical Trials Day from the Peaches! 🍑


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