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Mental Health Matters

Here at Peachtree, we believe there should be as much focus on the importance of mental health as there is on our physical health.

On this World Mental Health Day, we're encouraging our team and colleagues to take some time (even if its just 15 min) and do one of the following activities to boost serotonin, lift your mood, shift your perspective, and support your mental health:

*Challenge: make this part of your daily routine to prioritize positive mental health everyday!

1) Take a walk outside in the sunshine and listen to the sounds of nature. 🌾

2) Call a friend or family member and share knock-knock jokes. 😁

3) Eat a well-balanced meal - think of the rainbow and include a food item from each color to be sure you're getting the nutrients you need. 🌈

4) Go to bed 30 minutes earlier and leave the screens off. 💤

5) If you think you need additional assistance, speak with a licensed medical professional. 🤝


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