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Q. Which browsers can I use for ShareFile, RightSignature and ZenQMS?

A. Always use Google Chrome when using ShareFile, RightSignature and ZenQMS.


Q. How do I use ShareFile to simultaneously edit documents with other employees?

A. Important!  Make sure your document is at least an Office 2016 or later document.  If it is an older version of Office you will need to save the document as an Office 2016 or later document prior to uploading to ShareFile.


Ensure that you are using a Shared Folder and that all necessary team members have edit access to the folder.

  1. Open the document in Chrome ​​

  2. Click the "Edit" button. 


You will then see other team members in the document at the same time as you complete your edits.  The other team members will be able to see you as well.

edit 1.jpg

Note: Due to Microsoft Office Online limitations, only Excel files that are 5 MB or less can be edited. Similarly, only PowerPoint files that are 300 MB or less can be edited.

Support Articles:


Q. Do I need to back up my files?

Q. What is the importance of creating a backup?

Q. How do I back up my files using ShareFile?

A. While computers are great pieces of technology, they will break sooner or later.  When they inevitably break down, the data stored may be lost forever.  That is why we always want to have more than one copy stored in different places: a.k.a. backups.

The IT staff at Peachtree BioResearch Solutions strongly recommend creating a backup of all critical files every month at a minimum


Our recommended backup strategy is to back up all documents every week and to get in the habit of working directly off of ShareFile using the Citrix Files app.  Try not to save files locally on your computer.  If you download a document, you should upload it to your personal folder in ShareFile.

Right now, there is no special software to back up files.  In order to back up your files, you will need the Citrix Files app. Follow these steps when uploaded backups:

  1. Open File Manager > go to “This PC” (you should find it on the left panel)

  2. Right click on “Documents” > select “Copy”

  3. Navigate to your “Personal Folders” in Citrix Files (S:)

  4. Right click in the window > and select “Paste”


Q. What ShareFile app should I use? Citrix files, web browser, or desktop app?

A. For typical working days, the Citrix Files (S:) app is the recommended app for ShareFile.  Working with this app is like working in File Explorer and acts as-if all the files are on your laptop- even though they are stored on the cloud

The browser is a viable option, especially when traveling.  It is also the only way to manage who has access to any shared folders that you created.  However, the browser app can be slow and does not provide the best experience. 

The ShareFile Desktop app IS NOT RECOMMENDED.  While the app functionally works, the app is no longer supported by Citrix meaning any security issues may not be patched/fixed and new features will not be added.


Q. How do I send a document for signature?

A. Find instructions here:


Q. When I send a document for signature, I don't get an e-mail to sign.

A. This is a known issue with RightSignature and we have contacted support about this issue.  However, there is no known timeline for when this will be fixed.

Follow these steps to work around this issue.

  1. After sending the document for signature, click "Sign" next to your name.  This will send you an email allowing you to sign the document

  2. Alternatively, log into RightSignature and select the document that you sent.  Then click "Sign" next to your name.

Signiture 1.PNG
Signiture Alt.PNG
Signiture 2.PNG

Q. How do I create a template in RightSignature?

Q. How do I use a template in RightSignature?

A. Find instructions here:

Create a template:

Edit a template:

Send a template:

To see an example of how to send a template, Click Here>>


Q. How do I fill out the IT User Access template in RightSignature?

A. Only a MANAGER can initiate a IT User Access process - any other submissions will be ignored.

  1. Put yourself (the Manager) as the first signer

  2. Add either Cade Larsen ( OR Joel Stephens ( as the second signer

    • On the next page, you MAY CC ITsupport ( by clicking “CC” next to “Recipients” - this is optional.

  3. After sending the document, be sure to “Sign” the document.  The Manager (you) will fill out the Name, Effective Date, E-mail checkboxes next to what is needed.  Don't forget to include which folder and what permissions need to be granted. Be sure to sign your name and date the bottom. 

  4. The document will then be sent to the IT manager you selected.  He/she will contact you regarding any further action required.


Q. I don’t see Citrix Files (S:) in file explorer.  How do I get it back?

A. This often happens if Citrix Files did not open properly while booting up or if it was recently updated. To get it back, follow these steps. If, at any point Citrix Files appears in your file explorer or a login screen appears, you do not need to continue through this process.

  1. “Open” Citrix

    1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard or the Windows icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

    2. Type in Citrix Files > click on the app

      • If it does not appear, clear the search field and type Citrix again

      • If, after you open Citrix Files, a log in prompt does not appear or the (S:) drive does not appear, go to step 2

  2. “Log in” to Citrix Files

    1. Right click Citrix icon in the System Tray

      • Far right of your task bar - bottom of the screen

      • You may need to click the ^ to find the Citrix icon

    2. Select "Settings"

    3. A log in screen should appear- log in

      • If it does not appear, go to step 3

  3. Restart Citrix Files

    1. Open the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc at the same time

    2. Select “More details”

      • If you see "Fewer details”, skip this step

    3. Scroll down until you find “Citrix Files” under “Background Processes”

    4. Right click on “Citrix Files” and select “End Task”

    5. Go to step 1

  4. If, after step 3 Citrix still does not work, contact IT support.

Citrix Restart 3.PNG
Citrix Restart 4.PNG
Citrix Restart 5.PNG
Citrix Restart 2.PNG

Q. When I send an attachment in an email, it gets converted to a Citrix attachment, how do I stop this?

A. This can happen when Citrix Files is updated.  To resolve:​

Citrix Outlook Ext 1.PNG
  1. Go to the homepage of Outlook

    • Here, you can preview all your e-mails​

  2. Select the Home tab > Citrix Files, Options

    • The Citrix logo will most likely be grey​

    • A login screen may appear after this step.  You will need to login.

  3. Select "Edit" next to "General"

  4. Select "Only convert attachments that I choose" > Save

Citrix Outlook Ext 2.PNG
Citrix Outlook Ext 3.PNG

Q. How do I convert a Word document to PDF?

A. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the completed document in Microsoft Word

  2. Go to File > Print

  3. Select the dropdown under “Printer” and select “Microsoft Print to PDF”

  4. Click “print”

  5. Windows File Explorer will open. Select the location you would like to save the document.

    • For uploading to RightSignature, select a temporary location such as your “Documents” folder.

wix print to pdf.png