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Emerging Companies

Clinical Research Organizations grew out of the need to control the peaks and valleys of clinical development. Lulls in pipelines resulted in underutilization of highly-compensated internal clinical research professionals. CROs – that focus on the efficient conduct of clinical trials – could be utilized for a defined time to implement and conduct a specific trial.

As the medical device and pharma industries shifted to a greater use of CROs, the CRO industry grew and increased their efficiency in the management of clinical trials. Sponsor companies were able to reduce their internal staff and maintain a core of research professionals focused on the management of their development pipelines.

While Peachtree can provide clinical development services to essentially any company, we love the challenge of partnering with emerging companies. What starts out as a core of professionals with a new idea or technology, eventually the development timeline requires where clinical testing. This is where our flexibility, scalability, and reliability come into play.

We understand the need to control costs, and that in many cases, the future of the emerging company rides on the success of their pivotal trials.

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